Get a Unique Art Print for Your Team

Get a high-quality print of your team's git repository

Celebrate the launch of your product or a major milestone. Instead of giving away yet another team shirt, say thank you in style! It's fun, fancy and great for home office decor.

Why should I care?

Are you a product manager and your team has done an awesome job shipping the next big version of your product? Let them know that their work is highly appreciated and emphasize great teamplay. Gift something special.

How to generate a print

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Go to your team's git repository and run the following command:
    docker run -v `pwd`:/repo codeprints/analyzer
    This will generate a codeprints.json file from the commits of the given project. (Don't worry, we won't transmit any data. The code is open source so you can check for yourself.)
  3. Finally, upload the file below to see a preview. 👇

Engineering teams love codeprints

Create Lasting Memories

Our distinctive prints are the ideal decoration for cozy meeting rooms and creative work environments. They add a personal touch and set the stage for what comes next.

Ideal Home Office Decoration

Feeling connected with your team while working remotely is important. Codeprints serve as a token of appreciation to remind everyone of your shared achievements.

Unique Look And Feel

Every codeprint is unique. Only your team decides how it will look by collaborating on a project and while working towards a common goal.

Not Yet Another Company T-Shirt

Worn for a single event, unoriginal company shirts get hidden in the back of the closet and eventually thrown away.
Generic t-shirts rarely fit well, usually come in white and will look embarrassing on those mandatory team photos.
In contrast, personalized art prints can last a long time, spark joy, and show that you care.

mirandanielcz on Reddit

My GF was recently insisting on decorating the house a bit more. This is perfect! Just ordered one :)

isc30 on Reddit

love it, just ordered!

parkyourself on Reddit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a codeprint instead of a t-shirt?

The typical merchandizing market consists of throwaway gadgets and uncreative, one-off products. They are bad for the environment and not very motivational for the team.

Gifting a codeprint shows that you care and that you want to stand out from the crowd. It shows the history of a project that everyone worked very hard on and perfectly captures those fond memories.

Will non-developers also like this?

We think that everyone who likes visualizations and works with data will like it.

Designers publish their work to the team's git repository, product owners might see individual sprints, and so on.

I'm still undecided.

You could order a single print to check the quality before ordering for the entire team.

Love it, but our company policy doesn't allow us to share any data.

No repository data will ever be transmitted. The codeprints.json file only contains a single count for the color of each day.

(You can inspect the file in a text editor before sending.)

It is an abstract art print that only a person working on the project will be able to fully comprehend.

Furthermore, the code is open-source, so you can have a look yourself. It is a simple wrapper around git.

Will I be happy with the print quality?

We put a lot of effort into printing quality.
The design gets convert into CMYK color-space before sending it off to the printer. The prints are made on high-quality paper.

The frames have a matte finish and a shatterproof, transparent plexiglass.

Will this work with Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket?

Yes. Any git repository will work. You only need a local checkout of the repository and then run our analyzer.

I have a deadline meet. How long will the delivery take?

Usually 4-5 days. Add a note if you need it soon.

Where do you ship to?

Almost everywhere in the world.

Where do you print?

We print with a local partner close to you. This ensures fast delivery times and a low carbon footprint.

Can I make any individual adjustments before the print?

Sure, add a note to your order or send us a mail before for bigger changes.

Can I merge multiple projects into one print?

Absolutely. Our analyzer supports merging of repositories. Just create one codeprints.json file for each project, collect the files in one folder and then merge them together with the

`docker run -v `pwd`:/repo codeprints/analyzer merge` from the directory where all the codeprints.json files are located.

More info here.

Can I exclude individual authors or set a custom date range?

Yes, the analyzer supports that. Head over to the main repository for instructions.

I have an improvement idea!

We'd love to hear from you. Can you drop us a message to get the conversation rolling?

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