Frequently Asked Questions

The Project

Why put my commits on a wall?

Sometimes it's good to remember that you've built something and just be proud of it. With codeprints you can look back on your previous projects, see when you shipped 1.0 or when you went on vacation and didn't touch the keyboard at all. We think that this can be a great motivator for progress. If you're working on a long-time project, knowing that your consistent work and dedication will pay off and be tracked is another great motivator.

I'm not a programmer myself but would that be a nice present for a friend who is?

We think so, yes! You'd have to find out their Github username and enter it in the form. We'll do the rest.

I like it, but my Github profile is too boring to be printed.

Did you try the vertical single-year layout? You can pick it in the form below the username. We built it with these scenarios in mind.

If you just like the art style, you can use a tool like github-activity-generator to make your timeline more interesting for the print.

Why pay you if I can just print it myself?

We're very much DIY people ourselves, so we can totally relate.

Printing it yourself is always an option and we're even encouraging that, but getting the layout details just right is surprisingly tricky. On top of that, printing in good quality and getting a nice frame costs time and money, too.

Doing it yourself is usually cheaper especially if you don't factor in your time. But maybe you just want to support small businesses like ours and help make the service sustainable? 😉

Who is behind this?

We are a small team of passionate software engineers and techies working together from around the globe: dyve is our fully remote agency. We are mostly focused on building excellent, high quality software for clients from various industries, while maintaining several open-source libraries and side projects like codeprints at the same time.

Technical Info

I don't see my private commits!

codeprints can only fetch the contribution data visible on your public Github profile. If contributions to private repositories are missing, you can enable those by going to your profile page, clicking on "Contribution Settings" (next to the contribution history as shown in the picture), and selecting the "Private contributions" option. No worries, the code and contributions stay private, it changes just the graph.

You can temporarily enable this option until everything is printed/shipped and then disable it again of course. You can find more information on this GitHub doc page.

Is there a way to get prints for a (private) repository?

Yes! We open-sourced an analyzer, which can generate the necessary data format here: Try it out on our Teams (Beta) product page!

Do you support Gitlab/Bitbucket/...?

If you're interested in getting a print for a single repository, this is possible. Please see the answer above.
If you're asking about your full user profile, then - unfortunately - no. Gitlab and Bitbucket don't have the required data to crawl unfortunately. (Gitlab's commit history goes only back one year and Bitbucket doesn't seem to have that functionality at all.)

Is the code open source?

We're working on it and started to open source parts already. Check out for new releases.

What stack do you use?

The shop runs on Shopify and prints are handled by Gelato. The GitHub contributions chart is built on top of GitHub Contributions Chart. We added additional visualizations and PDF handling.


Where can you ship to?

Most places 🌍. If you're unsure if your country is covered, here's the list from our print supplier.

Where do you ship from?

Our printing partners produce your custom products in more than 100 locations worldwide. We pick the production location closest to you and therefore reduce shipping distances and carbon emissions, making the products more environmentally friendly.

Other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We'll try to help where we can.

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