code is art

Get a personalized print
of your GitHub contributions
to motivate you every day.

Love code? Show it! 🌈

With your own personal wall-art you can finally show your inner geek and get an extra boost for pushing your open-source projects to the next level - one commit at a time.

Our high-quality prints are perfect for your home-office, as a present for a good friend or a sign of appreciation for an awesome contributor.
They also really tie the room together.


We deeply care about our customers.
Hearing that we made them happy makes us happy.

"Thanks to the kind folks at for sending me this cool celebration of GitHub OSS contributions from the last five years."

"The print quality is great and delivery was quick. Looking at this motivates and reminds me I should consume less and create more."

"GitHub open source contributions over the last 7 years. Thanks codeprints."

"Nicely printed and super fast delivery!"

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